O.K., I’m Journaling —

The book tells me to go ahead and journal on the blog — just write down whatever comes to mind … because somebody might find something helpful in what I have to say — and besides, it will help me relieve stress …. alright then, I will do it! I will journal according to the suggestions I have received and see how it works out. I am always looking for ways to be of some kind of help to somebody. Let’s see if this might be one of those ways!


I need new gutters for our home here …. so I looked up the Dun and Bradstreet reports on two different roofing companies who are doing a lot of heavy advertising on television around here. I mean, after all, replacing gutters on a house is an expensive proposition these days and one needs to know if the company being considered is worth the time and effort.

So what did I find out? The Dun and Bradstreet reports on both of them were rife with customer complaints about shoddy work …. work left half done or altogether undone …. I am so glad I had the foresight to check them out before making any kind of commitment. Now I understand why they are advertising so heavily on television.

Moral of this story? Look before you leap … and most definitely do not sign any agreements with anybody before you check them out thoroughly beforehand either with references or with commercial reporting agencies such as Dun and Bradstreet. You can look up the D&B reports on almost any business online these days .. no charge, no hassle.

I was thinking to myself earlier today and the question came to my mind, “When does a person know that he or she is actually wealthy?” The answer that I finally decided on is one that I have often invoked for my own peace of mind and that answer is, “A person knows that they are wealthy when they stop counting their money and start weighing it.”

As I was meditating today, I was also inspired by the question, “What is the hardest lesson you have ever learned in life?” My answer to that is “The hardest lesson I have ever learned in life is that most people are not to be trusted … and the second lesson is “Beware the glowing smile and the outstretched hand.”

It finally occurred to me that the decision to have the foundation of my first home made of poured reinforced concrete was a good decision.

When I bought that first 1949 Ford 2-door Coupe, the vision of my Lincoln Town Car was many years off down the road. I bought that Ford used in 1957 for $150 that I had borrowed on a promissory note to an elderly friend. The latter cost considerably more. My first car barely had heat from the manifold; the last one had leather seats, air conditioning, a telephone, and a wet bar in the area of the rear seats …. behind the partition between the driver and me.

The writing prompt asks, “What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” My answer is, “My wife of 33 years.” Right up there with that choice and probably equal to it is “My children.” Lowest on the list was my credit card that was good for One Hundred Thousand Dollars to be used exclusively as a down payment on a house. By the time I got that card I didn’t need it any more.

The writing prompt asks, “Does History Repeat Itself? Why or why not?” My answer is: “Yes, History does repeat itself because, first of all, whatever happens, there is never anything new under the Sun and secondly, people tend to lose memories of things as time passes.

To the point of the preceding paragraph: One of my Sons once scolded me by saying, “Dad, I am never going to make the same mistakes in life that you made. I am living in a different age than you lived in and I am going to do things differently.”

The end result of my Son’s bold proclamation as a youngster was that he not only made the same mistakes that I had made, but he went so far as to refine his mistakes to a cutting edge more perfect in error, disappointment, disillusionment and failure than I had ever dreamed of achieving. Thank God he learned from his errors and is now living a happy and productive life.

How old was I when I first knew what I wanted to do with my life?  How did that feeling evolve over time?

My answer to that: “I was 15 years old and I decided that I didn’t want to grow up poor. By that time I had already had enough of being poor and it hurt. The feeling evolved into struggle, strain, trial and error, failure and victory — making money and losing it …. making more money and squandering opportunities and losing it again …. getting wise to the fact that money isn’t everything ….getting the big head over the money I was finally making …. going bankrupt in 1978 …. working my ass off to recover …. finally getting back on my feet … that is how the feeling evolved.

So this is an example of journaling.

Maybe I will do more of it later.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “O.K., I’m Journaling —”

  1. We used a local company to replace our guttering. They have been established for over 30 years, and have a premises in the local town that I can visit if need be. I never use any company that just supplies a phone number in an advertisement, or uses sub-contractors on a franchise basis.
    When we had a loose downpipe ater six weeks, I contacted the company and they they turned up to fix it the next morning, free of charge under their guarantee policy.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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