Manifest Observations For The Sane Among Us

I hope nobody out there is waiting for Trump to ever be convicted of any kind of crime or serving any time in prison for any of the things that he has done or allegedly done because it simply is not going to happen to either him or his cronies who might have been involved one way or the other. We don’t do that in “Meruca.”

Besides which, has anybody ever stopped to consider that he might not have actually done any of the things that some people are accusing him of doing? And if that is not the case, and if he has done of of those things, has he really done anything that every other politician has ever done and got away with?

Remember the days when Trump was fidgeting all over television and other media claiming personal credit for the coronavirus vaccines and the speed with which they were developed? Now it is reported that he is just as busily telling people not to take them. Does that prove to anybody that the light has gone out in the lighthouse?

I heard that President Biden now has a 58-percent approval rating and the rabid right wingers are pissing their pants about it.

There are still some knuckle draggers out there claiming, “Donald Trump won the last election and he is going to win the next one too.” If that is the case, then I, for one, hope and pray that he will win it in exactly the same way as he won it so that we can have President Biden or some other worthy Democrat in the Oval Office just like we do now…. If that is how Trump wins elections, then I hope he wins every one of them from now on.

I heard some right wing asshole the other day arguing that it is not the job of government to protect its people. If it is not the job of the government to protect its people then why in the hell do we bother with having a strong military in place and ready?

I found a quote attributed to Senator Bernie Sanders that says, “Here is what the modern Republican Party is all about: cult-like devotion to Trump, big lies and conspiracy theories, voter suppression, climate denial and anti-science vaccine rejection. For the sake of our kids and future generations, they cannot be allowed to prevail.”

If it was Bernie that said that, then I definitely agree with him.

I heard an idea the other day that I think is about the best idea I have heard in a long long time …. Somebody suggested that Hillary Clinton should be appointed to the Supreme Court Of The United States if for no other reason than to allow the sane among us to watch right wing heads explode. Yes! Yes! By all means, “Yes!”

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

One thought on “Manifest Observations For The Sane Among Us”

  1. Loyalty to Trump still appears to be holding. I agree with you that he is unlikely to ever be convicted of anything. It will be dragged through the courts for so long, he will be dead before he ever appears in a court.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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