Do Conservative News Outlets Feed The Pandemic?

What part, if any, do the more popular right wing political talking heads on the various media platforms contribute to the continuing pandemic crisis in The United States?

There can be little doubt at this point that it is the holdouts who are refusing to get vaccinated who are fueling the fires of this pandemic spread and that is a fact that is becoming increasingly more obvious to observers everywhere. This is why some are calling the virulence “The Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated.”

But does the media play an active role in all this and if so, how do they?

Here is one article I found that answers a lot of those questions and I believe it answers them accurately although those who worship fanatically at the altar of Conservative radicalism will deny any culpability whatsoever:

I think we can all take that one to the bank and I am waiting to see how this viewpoint develops as the virus kills more and more people.

I have noted that in some circles, there are reportedly now even a few die-hard Republican anti-vaccination freaks who are changing their minds and who are now reportedly telling their own people to go and get vaccinated.

I just hope it is not too little too late.