Do Conservative News Outlets Feed The Pandemic?

What part, if any, do the more popular right wing political talking heads on the various media platforms contribute to the continuing pandemic crisis in The United States?

There can be little doubt at this point that it is the holdouts who are refusing to get vaccinated who are fueling the fires of this pandemic spread and that is a fact that is becoming increasingly more obvious to observers everywhere. This is why some are calling the virulence “The Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated.”

But does the media play an active role in all this and if so, how do they?

Here is one article I found that answers a lot of those questions and I believe it answers them accurately although those who worship fanatically at the altar of Conservative radicalism will deny any culpability whatsoever:

I think we can all take that one to the bank and I am waiting to see how this viewpoint develops as the virus kills more and more people.

I have noted that in some circles, there are reportedly now even a few die-hard Republican anti-vaccination freaks who are changing their minds and who are now reportedly telling their own people to go and get vaccinated.

I just hope it is not too little too late.

John’s Wisdom (4779)

Q – “Does having a big bank account mean that the person who has it has a better IQ?”

A. “No! It means the person has a bigger bank account.”

Q. “Which businesses make the most money?”

A. “The most successful ones.”

Q. “What kind of help is available for undocumented immigrants in The United States?

A. Anything and everything and it is all free thanks to the taxpayers. It almost makes me want to re-register myself as an immigrant sometimes. What I have to work my rear end off to get, they get for little or nothing.

Q. What is one mistake you can only make once in a lifetime?

A. Standing too long in front of an on-rushing train.

Q. What is the worst flavor of ice cream you have ever tasted?

A. Mushroom and Chocolate Swirl

Q. What are the things that schools should be teaching?

A. Lessons.

Q. What kind of bacon would you put on a hamburger?

A. Bacon derived from pork.

Before I go on with the questions and the answers, I have a question of my own, “Why do I have such difficulty finding Kosher Bacon brands anywhere in the stores?”

Q. What is the best part about going to a gymnasium?

A. Getting done with the workout.

Q. What do you call a person who makes ice cream?

A. An ice cream maker. (Or) Icecreamatologist

Q. What is causing the rise in hate crimes?

A. It is either hatred or envy or sexual frustration. It certainly is not Santa Claus, cute kids or jelly beans.


When a person who is unvaccinated by their own choice gets the covid 19 disease, do think it is their own fault?

John Says: “Hell yes it is and they well deserve their fate whatever it may be.”

Is Atheism a problem for the Twenty-First Century?

John Says: “It is only a problem for the Atheists.”

For those who still believe Donald Trump is the smartest man on the planet, let me share a quote that he is alleged to have made .. “People Are Dying Who Have Never Died Before.”

So the question arises, “In which state are most Republicans to be found?” There are two answers to that question. The first answer is, “In the state of confusion.” The second answer to that question is, “In the state with the lowest overall intelligence levels.”

Did you know that One out of Three Trump supporters is as ignorant as the other Two?

The latest idiotic theory from the far right wing extreme is that covid vaccines are useless because diseases are supposed to wipe out a certain number of people.

Here is another simpleton’s question from some idiot on the far right, “Do you think it is fair that Biden won the election for no other reason than that he got more votes than Trump?”

Manifest Observations For The Sane Among Us

I hope nobody out there is waiting for Trump to ever be convicted of any kind of crime or serving any time in prison for any of the things that he has done or allegedly done because it simply is not going to happen to either him or his cronies who might have been involved one way or the other. We don’t do that in “Meruca.”

Besides which, has anybody ever stopped to consider that he might not have actually done any of the things that some people are accusing him of doing? And if that is not the case, and if he has done of of those things, has he really done anything that every other politician has ever done and got away with?

Remember the days when Trump was fidgeting all over television and other media claiming personal credit for the coronavirus vaccines and the speed with which they were developed? Now it is reported that he is just as busily telling people not to take them. Does that prove to anybody that the light has gone out in the lighthouse?

I heard that President Biden now has a 58-percent approval rating and the rabid right wingers are pissing their pants about it.

There are still some knuckle draggers out there claiming, “Donald Trump won the last election and he is going to win the next one too.” If that is the case, then I, for one, hope and pray that he will win it in exactly the same way as he won it so that we can have President Biden or some other worthy Democrat in the Oval Office just like we do now…. If that is how Trump wins elections, then I hope he wins every one of them from now on.

I heard some right wing asshole the other day arguing that it is not the job of government to protect its people. If it is not the job of the government to protect its people then why in the hell do we bother with having a strong military in place and ready?

I found a quote attributed to Senator Bernie Sanders that says, “Here is what the modern Republican Party is all about: cult-like devotion to Trump, big lies and conspiracy theories, voter suppression, climate denial and anti-science vaccine rejection. For the sake of our kids and future generations, they cannot be allowed to prevail.”

If it was Bernie that said that, then I definitely agree with him.

I heard an idea the other day that I think is about the best idea I have heard in a long long time …. Somebody suggested that Hillary Clinton should be appointed to the Supreme Court Of The United States if for no other reason than to allow the sane among us to watch right wing heads explode. Yes! Yes! By all means, “Yes!”

Post No. 243

I was going to put a title on these posts but since they are mostly just rants that talk about an endless variety of things, I have decided to number them instead. I am sure the people who are meant to see these things will see them and maybe even get something worthwhile out of them. That is my hope anyway.

There has been a horrid increase in the number of Covid cases because of the rise of a far more transmissible variant of the disease called “Delta.”

Hospitals across the nation are once again reaching limits of their capacity as the spread of the disease has skyrocketed as much as 100% with a one week period. Some hospitals are being forced to borrow ventilators from other health care providers to meet the challenges.

Once more the old fights and arguments pro and con about mask wearing and immunizations have begin to poison the atmosphere and put thousands of lives at risk.

I believe that this resurgence of the deadly virus could result in a massive loss of life among those who tend to deny the dangers of the affliction and who often violently oppose vaccinations.

But those who deny the virus and who defy vaccinations are, after all, Americans and if they choose to die with this disease, then that is their business and their right and I say “More Power To Them.”

My only concern at this point is that the fools do not take me with them.


Here is what Sam Adams once said:

It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

Here is what I say:

In the past four years before the beginning of the Biden administration, America proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that an irate, tireless, mindless minority of people who are determined to start conflagrations to destroy everything that Americans had ever worked, fought and died for for generations actually could — and did prevail for a while.

I am not sure that Sam Adams ever had an inkling that America could be hogtied and nearly stolen away by a gang of lawless mental misfits — but it almost happened.

We need to make sure it never happens again.

When Are We Really Free?

Peter Marshall once said, “May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”

When we look into the multi-colored mirror of reality do we see ourselves as the prime example of what the writers of The United States Constitution had in mind for us or do we find ourselves at odds with ourselves over the way we approach the freedoms that have been won for us over the centuries of blood, sweat and tears of those who have given so much to secure them for us?

In the complex world in which we live today is it even possible to know and understand the freedoms that we are supposed to possess or is every day spent blindly pursuing the things that we want to achieve and to accept and rejecting the things that do not inspire us without any real idea of how things are really supposed to be?

I believe that what we think we know about everything is little more than that which our forebears and our ancestors and our peers have impressed upon us as being true and that we, ourselves, in our own power, have rarely if ever practiced true individualism in trying to observe how things were supposed to work for us when this great country was in its infancy.

Over active ego might challenge us to deny these possibilities about ourselves but in the denying of them are we any closer to the truth of the matter … and does being close to the truth of the matter actually have any value or significance to us as long as we are free to fulfil our cravings for instant gratification and approval of those around us?

I have always wanted to peer into the hearts and minds of those who framed our Constitution but so much time has passed since they completed their work and so many things have changed that I believe it is impossible to understand them any farther than the shreds of evidence they have left to us in various writings …. writings that are subject to misinterpretation, reinterpretation, re-writing and conjecture by people with agendas. Are the experiences we are experiencing today anywhere near what the writers of our freedoms had in mind for us or has the whole thing been convoluted by the passage of time and the fickleness of human hearts?

If this truth about freedom is truth indeed, is that which we now have nothing more or less than a building set upon a foundation of sand?

Let’s Talk About The “Pride” Flag

June is apparently LGBTQ “Pride Month and we are going to be seeing a lot of that multicolored “Pride Flag” in parades, on banners, in print, on TV, in the movies …so what is the Gay Pride flag, where did it come from and what is it all about?

Here is the simplistic version of what I have been told: “Also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, the colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community.” This flag first was adopted by the concerned community in 1978.

Here is what I am told the designer of the flag saw in it —- “‘” Baker saw the rainbow as a natural flag from the sky, so he adopted eight colors for the stripes, each color with its own meaning (hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit).”

And who designed the Gay Pride flag?

The designer of the Gay Pride Flag was Gilbert Baker. See more about him here —-,worldwide%20symbol%20of%20LGBTQ%20pride.

What do I think about it?

I try not to think about it. It’s not MY thing! But more power to those who embrace it is my attitude.

You can read all the details right here —-

Nothing Remarkable Happened Today
Nothing remarkable happened to me today with the exception that I had some more stromboli from the local Italian restaurant for lunch. I never realized it before but that stuff has more than a hundred calories per ounce!

It seems like everybody around here where I live is in the lawn care business these days. There are dozens of advertisements all over the local papers by people wanting to mow lawns at $30 to $40 per clip.

I am trying to get up the courage to go back to a barber shop for a haircut. I avoided barbers all during the worst days of the pandemic because, in all my years, I have never actually seen a barber sanitizing their tools between clients. I know that by law they are supposed to sanitize but I have never observed any of them doing it.

There are a lot of people around here who have dogs …. a lot of bitch dogs giving birth … and the people with extra puppies are advertising them for sale. I remember the days, not too long ago, when people with extra puppies would give them away for free. I am not about to pay money for a dog of unknown breed. People are getting greedier every day. I can’t wait to see the day when people start seeing their own children as a fiscal commodity. A lot of people do see their kids as a financial advantage because of the various tax breaks …but that is a legitimate thing.

Things And More Things

Horrible Pesky Destructive Creatures

Fellow blogger, Cathy Cade speaks about getting rid of annoying pests on her more-than-fascinating blog which you can access here — and so I thought I might as well talk about my own experiences with insecticides and such.

We have a mole problem right now and we decided to get some mole poison. After applying the mole poison I felt a little twinge of morbid guilt about my homicidal move until I was told, “You did the right thing.”

The only other alternatives to this was to trap the creatures. So then after I trap them then what? Put them over in a neighbor’s yard? I trow not! Take them down to the river and release them? Nope! So I hve to live with my guilt secure in the knowledge that I might have done something to save this massive “Properly Maintained” lawn on which sits my estate.


Ghost Hunting Fever
There are a lot of people where I live who have recently expressed interest informing a “Ghost Hunting” club. I have always had an interest in ghosts and such but I am of the opinion that a whole group of people running around looking for spirits would end up diluting the whole experience and cheapening it.

The upside, of course, is that the proposed “Club” might give people opportunity to meet other like-minded people. The downside to all that is that I am reclusive and not entirely in favor of meeting new people.

Watch Out For Dangerous “Murder” Hornets
So far I guess … the dangerous “Murder Hornets” have confined themselves to the State of Washington in The United States. But that does not mean that they cannot spread. Horrible things have a habit of spreading and causing havoc. Here is what a murder hornet looks like:

Just click on the link above.

Some Of Us Have Paid Our Share
When I say this over on Reddit, I could not help but to post it for you:

Went Crazy Eating Today
I spent a couple of weeks watching my diet real closely so that I could get a good blood test at the doctor today. So once the blood test was over I went and got a huge apple fritter, weighing in at 7 ounces — That absolutely has to be the last indulgence for the day or I will be back on the fat train in no time. I have no willpower at all unless I am closing a financial deal or something. We shall see how this turns out. The fritter was breakfast. There is still lunch to think about.

What If The Vaccines Heal Things?
All the anti-vaccination people are always blowing on about how vaccines are dangerous and can have drastic (Even fatal) side effects years down the road after the fact. Of course there is no evidence of that and really no way to chart it accurately even if it were true. But that is not my question about the vaccines. I have a different question about them: “What is the covid-19 vaccines actually heal some underlying health issues that were active before the subject received the vaccinations? What if things like heart murmurs and blood pressure issues were actually benefited or even resolved because of the vaccines? Nobody that I have heard about has even come forward with that thought as yet.

The Ultimate Filet Mignon
I have heard that some upscale restaurants charge as much as $41 to 46-dollars for a superbly cooked filet mignon steak at around 8-ounces to 12-ounces in weight. Now that speaks to me in volumes of desire! I want to go somewhere like Ruth Chris Steakhouse (I am not being compensated for mentioning Ruth Chris) and try one of their steaks for myself. I do not know if this is their price range but I hear they are really swell places to eat steak and I want to go and try one for myself … and I will … soon!

City Governments Don’t Care —
I hear a lot of people complaining about how the property taxes are always going up in the communities in which they live. The problem that I hear most about from these folks is, “If these taxes keep going up, I am going to get to the point where I won’t be able to live here anymore.

News Flash! — There are some city governments who don’t care whether their citizens can keep up with ever-increasing taxes. There are some city governments who do this on purpose in order to force the lower income people out and to make more space for the wealthy to move in. It’s all about the money, you see. This often hardest on the elderly on fixed incomes. It is shameful but it is the American way for the times in which we are living.

Living On The Edge Of Disaster
After fasting faithfully for my routine blood test at the doctor today, I went nuts and went to an Italian Restaurant and ordered two strombolis ,,, one for me and one for my friend Jim. When I got them home and opened the box I was shocked to see how big these things are. I said to myself, “No human being can ever eat a whole stromboli all by themselves” so I cut mine in half. It still weighed in at 6 ounces and a whopping 710 calories.! I thought to myself, “That’s it! That’s the last bite I am going to put into my mouth today. This thing is nothing but fat and calories with all the sausage and cheese and everything! Total dietary disaster waiting to happen! But I ate my half anyway and it was good!