The Beautiful Things

We can reach out and touch beautiful things; we can breathe in the essence of beautiful fragrances; We can taste the sumptuous allure of beautiful foods — but there is a Beauty that is the essence and being of all beauty and that beauty is something that can only be touched with the imagination and the heart.

Rose, Flowers, Painter, Paint, Red Rose, Rose Garden

Sometimes the beautiful things are followed by dark things … dark foreboding uncomfortable, threatening and even frightening things … but if you remember to keep your gaze (Inwardly and outwardly) on the light contained within the beautiful, then the dark things will always be in the rear view mirror and never able to catch up to you or to harm you.

If you truly want to embrace beauty in all aspects of your life then it is necessary to change the way you think about everything. Remember the “Cup Half Full and The Cup Full” story? Pessimism or optimism …. negativism or positivism, both are potentials in every situation and the situation, whatever it may be, can be changed by whether or not you embrace one or the other … the positive outlook or the negative defeatist outlook. Change is dependent on choice! You can change everything about you and around you if you work at it.

“But I have tried and failed so many times!” You might lament. But keep on trying and failing as many times as it takes and you will eventually stumble into victory. After your first victory the path grows brighter along the next trail you will travel. Repeat this often enough and failure will not even be in your vocabulary anymore.