All That Infernal Noise

I can still hear my dad screaming at me when I was a child playing as children are prone to play — chattering, laughing, even screaming from time to time. I can still hear my dad yelling at me, “Stop all that infernal noise in there!”

It wasn’t noise to me! To me it was the sounds of the airplanes I was imitating or of the bearded pirate that I was portraying.

Yet, I can concede the concept that, to my dad, my childish vocalizations and their attendant adjustments in volume were, indeed, noise ….. to his way of thinking anyway.

Everybody has their own individual tolerance for sound.

So in today’s frenetic world, we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of messaging — radios blaring commercials, television sets blaring even louder commercials, big, noisy signs and billboards vying for our attention, important public announcements, people screaming in commercials wanting to sell us things …..

Then there is the ever-present drone of political messaging, automobile engines, jet planes overhead, bells, whistles, —– you name it. The screeching of flocks of birds hidden in the leaves of trees …. the barking of countless dogs on leashes, tied up in people’s back yards, shitting in flower beds and on sidewalks …..

So I am wondering, “Do the little birdies doing all that screeching in those trees consider their vocalizations to be noise?

Are political junkies and advertisers aware that their efforts to jar and jangle the attention of their human targets amounts to engineered “Noise?”

I am pretty certain, in my own mind, that people who make noise for a living are convinced that what they are doing is not noise at all but that anybody else doing the same kind of things is, in fact, creating noise … noise that, in their opinion could be dispensed with. (The spirit of competition, you see.).

But, in my opinion, it is all noise, no matter who or what is creating it and … it is also all shit!

But, for the sake of the economy and the nation, I have to concede that it is essential “S**t!”

The question may arise then, “Can I maintain my sense of personal independence and freedom if I continue to allow the noise of the world to dominate me to any degree?”

I guess the answer to that question lies within the boundaries of an individual’s ability and willingness to be influenced.

Of course there is always the option of turning that dial!

Final question: “Is noise addictive? Does it possess narcotic properties?”

I would say that if you want to test that idea out for yourself, turn the noise off for a while and see if you have withdrawal symptoms.