Laughing It Up A Little

A good laugh is sunshine in the house. - William Makepeace Thackeray

It all depends on what or who it is you are laughing at or about.

If you are laughing about Uncle Jake breaking his leg while trying to catch the parrot that escaped and was roosting high above something, then it might not be sunshine that is being distributed in the house.

If the laugh is proceeding forth from the mouth of an insane person, then the quality of the sunshine is in question. I remember when old Goldie was screaming out her bedroom window at old Frank, accusing him of stealing her purse (Just before the ambulance came to cart her off to the nut bin) and the quality of the sunshine being produced by that hysterical laughing creature … laughing insanely at one instant and screaming froth-at-the-mouth profanity at the other instant, was something less than sunshine ought to be.

The sudden audible cackle of someone standing near a casket at a funeral viewing in the midst of a bereaved family is also unsuitable as sunshine in a house. Many funerals today are no more or less than convenient social gatherings where very little attention is paid to the departed and where people do congregate to laugh and talk and have a good time before a sumptuous meal is served in memory of the poor departed soul.

But if the laugh is coming from a dear sweet little child playing by dangling string in front of an attentive cat, then there is some reason to accept the premise that sunshine ensues.

If the laugh emanates from behind closed doors where a loving couple is entwined in rapturous amour, then there is more reason to accept the sound as a manifestation of some kind of ethereal sunshine. (Provided the coupling is legitimate.)

So then it is probably safe to assume that quotations need not always be taken at face value, yes?