When I talk about things related to health and fitness or legal things, I want you to understand, beyond any question, that I am not a doctor or a lawyer or any kind of certified, licensed, qualified medical or legal professional and that you are never, under any circumstances, to depend on anything that I might say in regards to these professions as suggestions or prescriptions or anything of that nature. I do not prescribe and I do not do legal counseling and I do not want any of my readers to ever act on something I have said or written related to these professions as authoritative or accurate. If you decide you want to try something I might have talked about related to health or legal issues, it is imperative (and I insist) that you consult with your personal certified, licensed health care provider or lawyer before doing so. I will not be liable if anybody tries something that I mention on this blog and there is an unhappy outcome. Please never ever do anything without consulting with your physician or your lawyer before moving ahead.